Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Optimists? Pessimists?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
Not sure about it?
Let's us see what are the differences between an optimist and a pessimist.

For optimist people:-
1. Expect the best
2. Believe in the future will be brighter
3. Focus on possibilities
4. Give people the benefit of the doubt
5. Problem solvers
6. Look for the good in bad situations
7. Want what they have
8. Know they can handle whatever comes their way
9. Act like owners of circumstance

For pessimist people:-
1. Expect the worst
2. Believe the worst is yet to come
3. Focus on all that is wrong
4. Are quick to judge and alienate people
5. Problem identifiers
6. Can't see beyond their problems
7. Want what they don't have
8. Believe they wouldn't be able to handle it
9. Act like victims of circumstance

So, which do you think you belongs to? Optimist or pessimist?
Make yourself as an optimist instead of pessimist. You will be feel happier and healthier. 

Credit to: Imprint Training Center

Monday, July 30, 2012

Just be Yourself

~We are all afraid of not fitting into this world, of not being accepted.~

I think it is quite true about me. I am kind of afraid or worry about me not being accepted by the world.
Afraid that I not able to fit into this world. Afraid that I not capable in doing things. Afraid that I will disappoint people around me that are putting high expectation on me. Worry that how others feel about me, will they dislike me or will they like me? I know that sometimes it is unnecessary to worry or afraid such a small matter. But for me, I can't help myself from thinking like that. I did tell myself that probably I think too much and I should have work harder. Or I still not yet reach my limit. 
I had read an articles from Best Quotes. I think it is meaningful. It did mentioned that don't ever let ourselves being stopped by anything from doing what we always really wanted. If we look around and figure out that we are actually surrounded by people that love us unconditionally like friends, life partners and families that are always there to support us no matter how hard it will be. Feel free to makes mistakes because even if we shrug them away, people who truly love you will always choose to stay.
So just be ourselves and there are always people around us that stay beside us and love us unconditionally.

Credit to:Best Quotes & ImprintTrainingCenter

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Finally, I found the answers in my room:-
Roof said: Aim High
Fan said: Be Cool
Clock said: Every Minute is Precious
Mirror said: Reflect before you Act
Window said: See the world
Calender said: Be up to date
Door said: Push hard to achieve your Goals

So, there is always a solution for every problem. Cheer~~~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday to Myself

Happy 24th Birthday to myself!!!
First time celebrating my birthday at foreign country, without my family and friends with me. Anyway it isn't upsetting me and I do not really have the feel in celebrating birthday anymore. Is it the growing old sign? Perhaps it is. I am not sure.
My birthday fall on weekday which means I need to work during my birthday. I only able to celebrate after my working hours. I do not have particular activities but just went for dinner with one of my colleagues. It is more like a super simple celebration but I am still happy with that. Friends from Malaysia called me and sang birthday song to me which makes me feel very happy with that. 
No particular birthday lists or wishes for this year. Probably there is one or perhaps two, wish to have a success career currently and also healthy and happy always for my family and friends. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's June!!!

Credit to Diana Robinson
Alright, it's June now. And it's middle of 2012. Omg, so freaking fast. Do you guys or girls realize that when we are no longer teenager anymore, when our age beginning with 2, time really flies? I do realized that especially when I was in my Final year in university. Now I had graduated from university for a year and I had been working for almost 10 months in Indonesia.
It's June, it's my favourite month. Yes, my favourite month because my birthday falls on this month. Of course it will automatically become my favourite month. I am going to become 24 very soon which is a week from now. Oh, I am 24...This year I have to celebrate my birthday in a foreign country. It's my first time. Seriously I don't have any plan for it. Not that I didn't think about it but it's that I don't know what to do. Birthday celebration normally will be a normal event for me, not that special too. Like it's the time for me to hang out with friends and family.
Perhaps 24 is a big number for me. I should have a good career, a steady relationship by now. A good career? For now I still doubt that it's my good career because I am still under training which means that I am still learning and doing my best towards a better prospect. A steady relationship? Nah....seriously don't have. My mind and heart are not settling down yet. I still want to explore the world outside . Can say that I am not ready to get attach to anyone currently. And I didn't meet any guys that I am interested in.
My 24th birthday wish:- 

Too early to mention now. Will reveal later~~~

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today is the greatest day you've ever lived.

Today is the only day you've ever lived.

The past is gone, the future is far, nothing else matter, excepts where you are. 

P/S: So appreciate people, things around us and don't forget to enjoy our life too. We will never know what will happen tomorrow and yesterday is already past tense to us. So why not we just live everyday happily with no regret. =)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rainy Sunday

Jump as high as you can!!!

It's raining heavily since early morning today. Even though the rain stopped around 9 I think (I was still laying on bed, reluctant to get off from my bed). I didn't even see the sun for the whole day till evening time. Probably due to the cold weather, makes me feel wanna lazy around. Doing nothing in the room but online and watch drama, not going anywhere but staying at the room. Played guitar for awhile, cooked for breakfast and lunch. I did feel great today as probably is one of my laziest or most relax day for the past few months. Sometimes it's great to do nothing even though it couldn't happen all the time. But once in awhile, it feels great. 

Countable or uncountable?

Countable or uncountable?
Here am I again from missing for the past few months. Don't feel like wanna write blog due to laziness and also limited connection. Probably I had mentioned earlier that I been staying in Indonesia for training since August last year. OMG. I been here for almost 9 months. How fast is that? And I graduated from university for a year. This is really fast. Time flies...
I should probably update you all what I've been doing in Indonesia. I joined a plantation company as management trainee. Yes. A plantation company which is not really my field of study and I know nothing about it before I joined this training. For the past 9 months, I had learned a lot about plantation knowledge. I had been rotating in different departments which I had gained experience from that. Throughout the training, I did have many thoughts. I always think that am I be able to absorb as many things as I can in this training program. Am I capable to compete with others in this program? Am I able to contribute back to this company after I finish this training program? I am not saying that I am emotional or having negative thoughts (probably due to I am far away from my comfort zone). Honestly I didn't cry due to the stress I had sometimes. I just feel like I'm not that capable in doing this or that. I am not regretting in accepting this training program. I just wanna do my best and I really wanna know how far can I go.
Anyway this isn't an emotional post. I just wanna share what I been through. I really did learn a lot from people around me by sharing their experiences with me which make me more understand about plantation. I like the harmony environment here. They are friendly and nice to us. It's glad to know them and make me feel quite warm even though I'm very far away from home.
That's all the update from me now. Hope to hear from me soon, okay?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Quick Update

Nothing much to say. Just wanna say Hello from Palembang.
And this is my first post for year 2012.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!!!

Happy Dragon Year!!!

It's my year. I was born in Dragon year. Many people want to have a dragon child. It seems like by having a dragon child, it will be very good fortune to the family or probably the children. Nah...I am not sure about it. Dragon is not an existing animal among the 12 zodiacs. Or you probably can consider Komodo dragon as one of the dragon type which only found in Indonesia such as Komodo Island. A dragon is actually a legendary creature that features in myths of many cultures. For Chinese, dragon is symbolizing potent and auspicious power. Probably due to this, many parents would like to have a dragon child. There is a Mandarin Idioms -望子成龍 which means that hoping the child will become a successful and outstanding person. Every parents wish that their children will become successful in life. I am sure my parents were one of them.
However, the people who are born in Dragon year will 犯太歲 this year where they will have difficulties to face in works and life and there will also have obstruction from 小人. Thus will need to 拜太岁 as to have a smoother life. This is what Chinese believe in. Not only people born in Dragon year but also people who are born in Dog, Cow and Rabbit year and etc. It just depends on the severity. 
Anyway just wish everyone have a Good and Prosperous Dragon year!!! Lastly Happy Dragon Year!!!